Dawn Traveler Chapter 7

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During the tender age of (Part 2)

“Once you know about the principles of Mana, you will have great opportunities to see its possibilities. It is also helpful to learn to live in a world of magic ……. because the study of magic isn’t something that everyone can learn. ”

“I have a bad head, and it seems I’m better off learning when I’m older.”

“No, from what I’ve seen you’ve got quite the clever head. ”

“I think I should apologize for being such a nuisance to you, Mr. Herz.”

“You’re a child and don’t need to think deeply about things.”


“If you can’t use magic then try harder to learn. Magic is an important academic achievement, but knowledge is rare. So there are different types of people known as Sorcerer. ”

Herz wished to teach him from an early age.

Magic may cause a serious accident if not done with the correct understanding.

“Once you know the basics from an early age magic, and contemplating the laws of mana early on and will help you in your life. It would also be a great stepping stone to become a future senior wizard. After my classes go see Ned. He also said that he will teach you. ”

Ned waited for him in a smithy inside the city.

Even if he was a child, the Naerago city guards weren’t really idle enough to help him look around.

“It’s not easy to extract steel from iron ore. But if you have the patience and steady perseverance it’s not a very difficult job.”

“I don’t think I need to become a blacksmith.”

“It is a good way to train your strength as a warrior. Today, is about laws and the hammer gripping, Let’s start banging on the iron law. ”

Jess also had quite a bit of curiosity.

Seeing the swinging hammer made him curious. The closest he could come to understanding this was when he played with clay in art class that broke and fell apart in less than five minutes.

It is hard to match the steady beat of the hammer, and was also physically taxing.

“My hands are too fragile. Can’t I do anything? ”

“Isn’t that expectation too much? Well, this is too much for a child with a weak human body.”

“When will I be able to do it?”

“When you have hands covered in firm flesh, then 10 years later, we can move on to the next step.”

“I want to learn things faster …”

“You idiot, learning blacksmithing takes a large amount of time.”

Education from Ned, on the other hand will harm the body and can not be afforded by children like Jess.

“It’s still painful. Am I going to get hurt until I break? ”

Jess heard Ned do a hearty horselaugh.

“Are you not going to your mother to receive healing?”


Riga was a priest that could heal wounds using divine power, so physical recovery was possible.

Severe muscle pain or broken bones were fixed in a moment, and it becomes impossible to fake being hurt.

“In this world I can’t lie to my mom about my right hand.”

The education policy here is too harsh on a child.

Thus, from an early age there was no way he could pound iron like Ned.


When Yeon Woo came back to reality he was limp on the floor.

“Ohhh…..good. ”

He was very happy when he was eating ice cream, while wallowing on the floor.

The school also encourages friends to play together, but he didn’t care.

The other children were normal eight-year-old kids.

However, Yeon Woo already had the mental age of a 13-year-old.

“Kids want to play even without getting along…..”

In school he was moderately successful in forming an image of a reticent top score schoolboy.

And when in the house, but one that was only his brother’s thoughts.

[I have to kill the ants. I’ll bake them with a magnifying glass. Grasshoppers also want to hold be surprised if I show the girls in the playground.]

The parents were struggling to support their families, while having two jobs at same time!

Sometimes Dad tried to order another bag with money from the company, allowing his kids eat for four weeks with the cash.

He also woke up tired in the morning when he went to work for the company, and struggled to come home with a bright face.

The small efforts of the parents weren’t known by the other kids, but Yeon Woo knew.

“Going out to play is too troublesome, the floor is good.”

Yeon Woo spent time watching television and comic books without leaving or even calling his friends over the holidays.

Among his friends he got stuck with the nickname ‘tortoise’.


Jess turned six years old.

“I’ve finally found the time to learn to run.”

“Can you grasp the wind? Wild animals are not noticed by feeling superior even secretly do not want to learn how to run faster? Even the training of a little bird in the forest can move faster than that. ”

“Then, is it easy to learn?”

“Nope, even in the forests there are few people that can do this. ”


“You can still learn, humans have excellent potential. ”

She tried to teach him the Dark Elves running style.

The elves ran differently from the way humans did. They start breathing in the never-ending breath of the forest.

“At first it will be difficult. On the landscape here it is not that easy for humans to learn the running style of the elves. Only the breath of the forest can lighten the body. Later, I can jump on top of a tree, even once. Do you not you want to do that?”

“I don’t want to do it at all! ”

Jess held his breath and ran in the woods until he felt like his heart was about to explode.

In reality, he played hide-and-seek in the playground and was able to cross the fallen trees and sloping ascents fairly well.

Herz and Ned, had taught him not spare his own experience and knowledge.

Discounting the case where he rescued them from the trap, these robbers were very gifted.

Marca continent has many risks, and opportunities for a mysterious adventure.

Undiscovered large areas of land filled with ​​monsters, the ruins of ancient civilizations, based blocking a secret area in the empire.

That is why, it was necessary for Jess to learn how to survive.

Jess has traveled trough the dungeons, listen, learn and experienced things, but his body also learned things.

His education and training was very difficult, but he had strong expectations for the future.

Rendall and Ned’s physical abilities are very good.

Seeing the way they fight was like watching a blockbuster movie.

Fighting in the dirt, and crushing walls with overwhelming power and speed, and the combat capability to kill monsters.

Herz’s instant glamor and magic was a powerful force that had overwhelming effects was enough to grab his attention.

From the time he was a baby he wanted to be like his parents and their colleagues. He watched them for a long time, so he was able to immerse himself fully.

[His magic literacy is excellent. Jess does not feel the mana, so I do not know if he has the talent to get a job for the
Magisters in Fig.]

[Maybe I will see if he can get some work done in good faith. Humans can’t make pieces as good mas a dwarven blacksmith after all.]

[Breath of forest resilience and strength of the body without having to drink …he has grown well. Perhaps his performance can be put down to Riga’s blessing, but he can do better.]

Evaluation of the teachers were also a bit on the generous side.

They did not expect much of Jess yet.

To feel the flow of mana, he needed to use his clever brain and innate senses.

If he had the ability to analyze the characteristics of mana he would feel better about quitting as a wizard.

In most cases, magical talent is scarce so the Wizard of low abilities would concentrate on research as a scholar.

The abilities of humans technology grew by leaps and bounds during war.

Rendall obtained new information through the tomb robbers guild.

“This is where we get into the tomb the records showed that Fred was buried in 94 years ago.”

Dwarf Hand was not impressed.

“If the human story is true, it won’t have much salvage.”

But if the rich rather than the general public of the ordinary articles Earl family, the lower nobility and also great differences.

“Records indicate his family had their tombs in the cemetery of Kelton canyon were well furnished.  Earl Fred’s family collapsed in a power struggle with the other nobles in the year before. It was a family that had accumulated a great amount wealth, but since then a lot of the wealth vanish somewhere. ”

“The treasure will be in the tomb?”

“The possibility is high. Those who still remember the tomb are very little. The location of the tomb is in Kelton canyon. This is a place where people are not going to be tolerated.”

“Expensive treasure is good. So I will grab the equipment he is buried with. ”

Monsters in tolerable numbers rampage night and day, because people do not go near Kelton canyon.

Rendall, Riga, Tess, Ned, and Herz headed to Kelton canyon.

Jess also went along with the parents.

“This time we will be able to get a lot of treasure. My parents aren’t as poor as they seem. Even if their only property in the warehouse stash, they can live richly in the future. ”

His family stored the treasure stolen until now in the hidden basement of the house.

A secret hideout in the city, we would not place people on the continent, or set special tomb splits keep a few places.

Wealth acquired from others buried tombs were difficult to dispose of, so they needed somewhere to hold it while waiting for the people to forget in time, even decades.

It was similar to retirement funds.

During the night they heard the cries of werewolves and monsters.

The Earl’s tomb was in a cave on the steep slopes of the canyon.

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