Dawn Traveler Chapter 10

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Author: Nam Hee Sung (A.K.A. Namhui Castle)

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Note: I’m not going to go past chapter 10 because koongkoong is translating it. I don’t know if he’s going to go past chapter 30(The Father’s Story) because the author on the munpia website is specifically asking for compensation(100 won) for every chapter afterword, and I believe there are about 95 chapters currently.

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Elf Friends (Part 2)

Rendall and Jess walked into the elven forest.

After they left Ned and Herz had nothing to do, except ready Jess’s next lessons.

“Jess really understands the basic principles and theory of mana. He is such a great thinker that I can not believe that he is only 7 years of age.”

“Is that too young?”

“Magic is not too difficult when it comes to understanding the discipline. But even I have no explanation for the way he can accurately see through everything I teach him, which makes me even more curious. Jess will definitely grow up to be a great wizard. Maybe he will even surpass me.”

Herz firmly believed he could count on Jess’s future as a wizard.

Wizards were wanted by people on every continent.

They did not know how far his potential would go, so they tried to be more expectant of him.

“Jess is much better to work with than the assistant in my smithy.”

Ned was also satisfied with Jess’s capabilities.

Of course it could not be compared to the innate ability that dwarven blacksmiths had.

Dwarven children would draw doodles of iron bars, only learn about the basics of hammering various materials, and write stories about the smoke and fire in forge.

However, even if it wasn’t in Jess’s blood it was still at a decent level.

If he was taught for another ten years, he could become a blacksmith of recognizable ability.

Of course, dwarves have to create something recommended in a blacksmith’s shop to feel the greatest happiness.

Tess also gave him a generous assessment of his growth.

“He drank from the breath of the forest, albeit slowly. He has been increasing the distance he could run every day to the point where there isn’t any further he can develop in the future. I think even his footwork in this unknown place is good enough that he won’t fall down, and he is even drinking the breath of the forest better here.”

However, the words of their colleagues were worrying.

“How do we teach this guy in the future?”

He has yet to show a special talent for the sword.

He excelled at magic and sprinting, but he also showed an interest in fencing, and had a steady progress in his physical growth.

A child’s future was meant to be expected by the parents.


As Jess continued on his troubles deepened.

“Is this really the right way to live my life?”

He also considered his studies on magic, which were going well.

After hearing about it all the time as a growing baby, it was no surprise that he was interested in that mysterious art.

He continued running in the morning until he was breathing hard with his heart pumping vigorously, and would afterwords rest by drinking in the breath of the forest.

After getting tired, the feeling the pure energy flow into his stiff body gave him an unspeakable satisfaction.

As long as he could run he was happy, but he was still not fast enough to chase the wind.

Rendall would teach him fencing, but they didn’t talk to each other because actions speak louder than words!

And Jess was a model student.

“I didn’t know I was going to live this way…….it feels so good.”

In the other world Yeon Woo only carried a backpack and attended elementary school.

There was just the simple school life, meeting with friends, and living in moderation.

In the Marca continent you can go on an adventure to become strong, and learn about swordsmanship or magic, to reshape yourself.


The civil war in the Gras Empire had gradually intensified.

While the two sides fought, warlords and the nobility of the country worked to expand their powers The Imperial Prince, his third, fourth, and fifth siblings all played in a fierce civil war.

In such a tense situation, it was easy for the balance of power to tilt in any direction.

Fortresses of the empire were crumbling, and cities were destroyed.

But an eight-year-old in the elven forest wasn’t involved in these events.

“Hello. Elves do … Father. ”

Jess was a bright little boy in the elven village.

[Today I might give him a greeting.]

[So that’s a human child.]

[I saw him yesterday, and even today I encountered him.]

The elves were still indifferent to him!

Getting friendly and learning their names would not be easy to accomplish.

Jess suddenly heard the thoughts of the flowers.

[We don’t receive enough sunlight because of the trees.]

[We’re going to wither away and die.]

[Also because of the smoke nearby its tough to give butterflies our nectar.]

The flowers were going to die in despair.

Jess looked up at the trees branches and saw that they were lush with leaves that blocked the sunlight.

“Up until last year, I destroyed so many pretty flowers …. ”

Sometimes when reading a persons mind, you can understand their agony.

In a forest filled with life, the elves couldn’t understand the thoughts of every tree or flower.

Numerous plants grow and die.

You can know in your mind the laws of nature are heartless, but the heart would still be uneasy.

Jess knelt on the ground, gently digging around the flowers and their roots.

And brought them to a sunny hill.

[I’m grateful, young man.]

[I think I can grow well here. Even so, you have good morals.]

The plants were grateful.

Whenever Jess would pass by here in the forest, he would see beds of flowers by the trees and smell their fragrance.

The branch of an apple tree shook itself and an apple dropped down.

They did not seem so, but every forest in the continent reacted to the responses of humans.

However, the healthy elven forest was even more sensitive to these changes.

[The human has an understanding of plants.]

[So he knows about plants and their governance? He understands more than even some of the younger elven children. And at such a young age too. I did not know such rapid early growth was possible.]

[Anyhow, hes a good child.]

The elves started to watch Jess with a bit of interest.

“Hello, grandpa elf!”

“Hello, human Jess.”

The elves started to accept his greetings.

“Hello, grandma elf!”

“My goodness. I’m no older than 250 years old …… call me sister.”


In the elven forest, even though the differences in ages between siblings can be more than a hundred years or more, it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

Jess became more familiar with the small elven children.

“Hey Jess. Come play with me.”

“Excuse me, but how old are you … young lady?”

“I’m 110 years old! Do you want to be my friend? ”


At an age of 50 years old or more, those elves called Jess ‘brother’.

Looking different than your actual age was a common sight in elven culture.

“He’s not 430 years old yet, even if he appears to be.”

“Should I have any idea what living to 430 years old is like, and to squander it all? It’s like the difference between the earth, and the wind. I am incapable of understanding it.”

Elves are slow at aging, they also have a long lifespan of up to 500 years.

After reaching 400 years old, they start to gain wrinkles on their faces, and because of that it is difficult to distinguish their ages.

But then Jess looks at his friend.

The silver hair on the elven beauty Alrium was exceptionally beautiful in the forest.

The majority of of people would favor Alrium at the eve of her blossoming at an age of 140-years-old.

“Hi Jess, how are you?”


Elves were too thin, but Jess thought that it suited her and that she was pretty enough to amaze any human, so in that regard it did not matter.

After a few years, Jess will have grown rapidly, while Alrium wouldn’t change at all.

“Alrium, what are you doing today?”

“I’m going to visit the pond, would you like to come along?”

“I went a few days ago.”

“Slide riding?”

The woods had a mysterious place where the two of them would play.

In a beautiful pond lit by sunlight between the tree branches they spent time playing in the water.

They would ride the slides with large leaves, or would even visit and play often with animal cubs that were recently born.

When, the human, Jess first approached the animals were startled and frightened, but Alrium soon had everybody at ease.

Elves were experienced at taking care of nature, since they do not like needless bloodshed.

“Do you want to meet my friend?”


Alrium was able to see her friend flying in the sky, it was a griffin.

Of course, the griffin wasn’t in favor of Jess.

[What is this young human doing associating with my elf friend? Should I grab and eat it?]

Every time Alrium looked away the griffin watched Jess, drooling from his tongue every time he licked his beak.

It wanted to know what the human tasted like.

Alrium looked to Jess and questioned him.

Perhaps you would be interested in archery? “


Jess overheard what she was hoping for, from her thoughts.

[You can tell me your interests. Come on, come on! He should that all along he wanted to learn archery.]

“Well, from the way you’re saying it, you don’t seem to want to learn.”

“Yes, I’ve been very interested in archery.”

[Good. I’m too bored ….. I’m the best elven archer in the eastern forest, so I‘ll teach him some things about shooting a bow.]

“Alright, I’ll start tutoring you.”


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