SSL Vol.1 Ch.1

Hey guys sorry it took so long, I’ve been putting it off the whole week.

I’ll definitely do the next chapter faster.

Chapter 1: Ambush (1)

By the way, if you want me to make some corrections make sure to leave a comment.


Hi guys….


I’m back people!

I’ve been gone for about 5 months.

That whole time I was pretty busy , but not so busy that I haven’t kept track of other web novel translations I subscribed to… As you can see in my “blogs i follow” widget.

I have enough free time lately that I thought to get started on a new project, a chinese web novel I wanted to try out.

As usual I am going to translate via publicly available machine translation.

The translations definitely aren’t going to be perfect and a few things might get changed or cut, but please be tolerant of this.

So ……… BAM!!!!