DWBS Volume 1 Episode 1 Part 3

“Hmm, I wonder if I sold them for a high price?”

The pans, dishes, and all the notebooks bought from the mall sold for nine gold, three silver, nine large pennies, and eight small pennies.

No doubt it is a lot of money, but its likely this amount would be lost in no time through daily use.

“The next thing I need to do is find out the monetary value of this world. I should find some books …… I mean don’t I need this information?”

If you look around its not a backstreet …… of course its not familiar but it was strange.

There is no feeling of life at all, garbage was scattered around.

“Ah, its filthy here. And it doesn’t seem it will be cleaned soon. Its disgusting if you get tangled in the trash.”

Hult was being conscious of the money in his wallet.

And thinks that for the time being the strength of the law is lacking here.

“Onii-san. This is a slum. We don’t have cleaning tools here.”

When he faced towards the voice, a redheaded girl with beautiful features stood.

“Thanks for telling me this, but it shouldn’t be to this extent.”

“Still, I couldn’t say nothing. My name is Loa Samaras. Onii-san I don’t know where you came from, but you’re wearing some strange clothes?”

The girl called herself Loa.

Now, Hult thought that it would be rude to not return the greeting, and decided to tell her his name.

“My name is Hult Asma. I came from the east.”

Hult, for the time being replied the way he would in his own world.

“East is …… there are large mountain ranges with a large forest, and you must have traveled across the large desert too. That’s pretty far away.”

Hult was a little hasty when speaking.

So he hurriedly changed the topic.

“Rather than that, I’m looking for lodging. I wonder if you can give me directions.”

“I’ll help. But …… I won’t tell you for free.”

Loa tried to scrounge a tip.

Hult’s face frowned a little, thinking for the time being that this was a necessary expense.

“Hehe, thank you. Do you have any preferences?”

“A good place would be as clean as possible, but money is important. A cheap place is good too.”

Hult had a squeamish towards filth.

He did not want to stay at an inn with any cockroaches or fleas.

“I understand. Then you should go to 『Sylph Pavilion』. There it costs 2,000 Doraria a night.”

Loa began to walk, likely cherishing the four pennies in her pocket.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what that means. I need verification of the monetary value.”

Hult asked about the word 『Doraria』.

“Oh, that’s good. Its only one copper coin.”

Loa started laughing at him.

Hult held one of the coppers with a bitter face.

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