DWBS Volume 1 Episode 2 Part 2

When hult went into the backyard, there was a little girl drying sheets there.

A figure was jumping up and down on a stool, like a demon trying to grab the clothesline was funny, but also dangerous.

Hult called out in a low voice.

“Do you need a helping hand?”

Then girl opened her mouth, facing the Hult.

“No, its useless owe others. Your hand isn’t needed this is Maria’s job.”

Hult admired her.

She is a firm child.

Then, wondered if she is the child of the landlady.

While Hult was thinking such a thing, Maria was finished drying out the sheets, and looked at Hult curiously.

“Onii-chan, you have a bedhead but did you happen to get a good nights rest?”

When Hult answered in the affirmative, Maria laughs merrily.

“Ahahahaha, you’re really a sleepy onii-chan.”

Hult replied with a wry smile.

It is true he overslept.

Perhaps from now on, Maria would refer to Hult as the sleepy onii-chan.

Hult ignores Maria that chanted sleepy onii-chan, and moved toward the well.

The top of the well is equipped with a fixed pulley.

And Hult could see a winder in front of the pulley ……in other words there was a rope extending from the fixed pulley?

It was kind of like that.

The reason I’m speaking of why its “something like”, is because it does not have a handle.

Instead, there is a depression fitted with jewels.

Really, what exactly is this?

Hult decided to ask Maria.

“Hey, Maria. Can you see this thing here? I want you to tell me how to use this, if possible.”

Then Maria proudly raised her chest, “This is the magic tool of the winding machine. I know all about it.”

Hult was surprised to hear the words ‘magic tool’, but was convinced that he should not be surprised even if there is much magic and witchcraft because of a trip different world has occurred.

When Hult again heard the use of this magic tool, Maria was grinning.

“Well, you don’t know of such a thing, sleepy onii-chan? Well, you may not know but its good to learn. So you shall! I, Maria will go study at the library today. Let me know if you want to go together.”

Hult readily agreed to it.

Originally, he was going to go there to collect some information.

And if his option is to study with Maria, it might be easier to learn the language.

“Wow, thank you. Then, I’ll tell you. Remember this, your place your hand at the magic stone. Next, imagine that you are turning it in front if you want to turn it, but if you want to turn it fast or not you should also imagine it. “

Perhaps, its that this gem is a magic stone.

Hult was honestly dubious, but still tried to place his hand on it and pray.

Then the magic stone shined a blue light, and the winder began to slowly turn.

Hult only got the water to wash his face after a while.

Washing the face with no soap gave him a somewhat unsatisfactory feeling.

Hult resolved the will to go to buy soap today.

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