DWBS Volume 1 Episode 2 Part 3

After washing his face, his eyes finally woke up and Hult noticed that he was hungry.

He had nothing to eat since yesterday.

Hult decided to take a lunch rather than breakfast ……though it is late.

“Do you know of any delicious rice shops, somewhere cheap?”

Hult asked and Maria recommended 『Messiah』.

He honestly does not expect a child to know this.

It would be nice if he could find any shop, even if its the worst.

Although it will be taken as a referral fee.

“If you want to eat rice, I’d shop across the street. Dad is a good cook. It has a reputation of being cheap and delicious.”

Ahh, he left the management of the inn guests to his wife, while he works at his rice shop.

A good teamwork.

Hult mean to try to go to the rice shop as a way of saying thanks to Maria, so proposed to go together with Maria.

The Hult, more of there is survive because along with Maria to Maria’s father must not without permission to go to the library.

Thus Hult and Maria were supposed to go to Messiah.

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