DWBS Volume 1 Episode 2 Part 4

When I headed out with Maria, the proprietress called out.
“Oh, Maria. Are you finished with the paddle that you used to dry laundry? Not a ……Asma-san. Why are Maria and you together?”

Hult made his smile as refreshing as possible, “I met her in the backyard, and we’re now somewhat friends. I was just going to the rice shop together with her.”

From that answer, the landlady made a surprised face.

“……that Maria isn’t shy, I hope you have the room key when you go to Undinu.”

“You’ll get a discount.”

It’s profitable.

Hult was thankful to Loa, that introduced him to this inn.

Even so, that Messiah also seems to be called Undinu.

Inn and rice shop are named after spirits, one is of water and the other is a spirit of the wind.

Its good, in a sense.

“Thank you. So let’s go, Maria”

“Yeah, let’s go sleepy onii-chan.”

Proprietress who heard the words, lifted her eyebrows.

“Maria! Just because Asma-san is friendly, you should not be rude.”


Maria became downhearted.

The words of the proprietress continued.

“Good, don’t burden Asma-san.”

“Yeah, Okay. Let’s go, onii-chan.”

Maria replied cheerfully.

Hult held Maria’s hand, and went to Messiah.

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