DWBS Volume 1 Episode 2 Part 5

Messiah was spacious, it was the same kind of interior as the inn.

There were many customers, it seemed to be thriving.

Hult sat by the counter along with Maria.

After a while, appears a poor looking man.

“Oh, is it not Mary. Well, who do you have there ……”

As Hult took out the key to the room, he says while showing.

“I’m a customer who is staying there. And was invited to try meal together with Maria. Here it is a good place.”

The man looked convinced.

“Oh, you’re from Hannah’s place. This is sorry. I’m Marceau. Maria’s father and this stores manager.”

Although, Marceau laughs and smiles, his eyes appeared quite scary.

At the same it was finally revealed, the name of the landlady seems to be Hannah.

Hult burned this into his mind so as not to forget.

“I’ve got things to do, but I recommend these skewers.”

Marceau says, pointing at the menu.

When it is pointed out to the skewers, where it was pointed out can not be seen, only that it is written as “skewers”.

Even though it only appeared as an earthworm like writing a little while ago.

Hult wondered to himself why he was so excellent in a language sense.

“Hey, visitor! Visitor!”

When he thought up to there, he was accosted by Marceau.

It seems he got lost in his thoughts.

Next to him, Maria was looking anxious.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Please give me a little bit more time, I was thinking about the skewers.”

“Maria also !! The same as onii-chan.”

“Yes, I will be back soon.”

After a while, Marceau came back with the skewers.

Onion and red bell pepper and pork are stuck in the skewer.

“Hey, eat while its still hot.”

Hult’s eyes were glued to the meat skewer in his hand.

Salty and meaty flavor, and lemon or something sour spreads through his mouth.

Delicious, it was exactly as recommended.

“By the way, where did you come from? I have not seen a face like yours hereabouts.”

Hult answered only that he came from far away in the same way as he said to the landlady.

“Hmm, that might mean travelers are gonna be coming here. To what position of deliciousness is my food compared to you’re trip up to now?”

Hult was worried whether to answer him or not.

“The most delicious” could only be heard as a compliment.

And he would feel bad if he only answered randomly.

Hult carefully chose his words.

“I do not know and do not try to eat other foods, but I’d give it a 10 if its only these skewers.”

Hult says so and Marceau is laughing heinously.

“Well, I, I’ll be embarrassed if you say anything more.”

It seems he is the type that’s weak to flattery.

While the mood is good, Hult cut to the matter of the library.

“It would be nice to take a look around. As a tourist, I’m not very busy.”

There is a mystified look.

Well, of course it would be.

“Also I’d like to examine some things about this country at the library.”

Now its the real intention.

He needs to go learn more with Maria’s help.

“The General Assembly, huh. Maria, I’m sure you’re smart enough not to make trouble.”


She nodded prettily, with oil from the meat covering her mouth and face.

Hult thought that her face was good, similar to Hannah.

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