Dawn Traveler


The beginning of a new adventure moving freely to and from the modern and fantasy genres.

[This month, the slush fund … will my wife notice it at all?]

[I want to go fishing. I want to go fishing. I want to go fishing.]

[I want to buy speakers. Huh, It’s not a necessity for people who enjoy the single life though. Let’s see. Should I pay it properly across 120 monthly installments? ]

A hero that can read people’s minds.

Was also born in another world and lives with two names.

Both sleep deeply at night,

With his freedom and a sword, he leaves on a trip to a world of magic and mystery.

Ch.1 Two Births (Part 1)

Ch.2 Two Births (Part 2)

Ch.3 Two Births (Part 3)

Ch.4 Two Lives (Part 1)

Ch.5 Two Lives (Part 2)

Ch.6 During the tender age of (Part 1)

Ch.7 During the tender age of (Part 2)

Ch.8 During the tender age of (Part 3)

Ch.9 Elf Friends (Part 1)

Ch.10 Elf Friends (Part 2)

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20 thoughts on “Dawn Traveler

  1. Thank you for picking this up!!!
    I was reluctant to start reading this because there’s only 3 chapters and got dropped previously
    but now I can finally read this C:


  2. Oh mai, just when I decided to check if anyone picked this novel up or not. Looking forward to the chapters. Thank for picking it up and thank you in advance for future chapters.

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  6. Just picked this up after seeing it on Baka Updayes. Looks good, so I am checking it out 🙂 Yep, lots of LN to bite into nowadays. Thank you for giving me another dish to sink into! It’s like a boom of Chinese/Japanese/Korean LN and WN lately. It’s great variety b/c the over use of cutesy Japanese moe and harems are really starting get on my nerves.

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  8. wooow gracias por traducir este capitulo , me encanta este capitulo ,solo que no avia nadie quien lo tradusca :S espero que puedas seguir traduciendolo cada dia 😛


  9. Koongkoong is insane, he got mad because people complained for the delay in release of new chapters, but he lied about the ETAs so much,
    :yes, I release chapter every two weeks(lie)
    :sorry for the delay, next friday the chapter will be in the website. (lie), one month later after few excuses he released the chapter, and he got angry when people speculated that the next release would take at least one month.

    He is a lowlife in comparison with others good translator, hope he doesn’t pick up other project in the rest of his life. Despicable KoongKoong shame on you


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