Star Sea Lord


Title: Star Sea Lord (星海领主)

Author: Lord Dark Prison (暗狱领主)

Translator: Machine Translation

Proofreader: SardonicMonster


Category: Science Fiction


Is the deep flowing star sea eternal and without end?

Is the symphony of civilization, playing a song of glory or of tragedy?

A tragic fallen star sounds the horn to the way of immortality!

Fate’s hidden mysteries are in the art of sculpting life!

Embrace the universe, children!

Remember, the lord is with us!

Volume 1: Smoke Signals From The Northwest

Chapter 1: Ambush (1)

Chapter 2: Ambush (2)

Chapter 3: Recovery (1)

Chapter 4: Recovery (2)

Chapter 5: Burden (1)

Chapter 6: Burden (2)

Chapter 7: Counterattack (1)

Chapter 8: Counterattack (2)

Chapter 9: Helping Hand (1)

Chapter 10: Helping Hand (2)


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