Star Sea Lord Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Ambush (2)

“General! There are enemies ……” a monitoring group duty officer spoke in a severely panicked voice, so that Major General Yu who was leaning against a chair with his eyes closed, awakened.

Outside the windows, the originally dark void had become bright as day, thousands of bands of purple lights were quickly streaming over to the fleet!

“…… Fight back!” He hesitated only a moment, before giving a decisive order.

The thousands of blue lights showed an unexpected appearance, it was a fleet of gunships ready to fire, fear filled the surrounding space.

“Attack, do not leave the group!” When the Major General saw the amazing size of the UFO’s, as well as the power levels of their ships, his heart sank as he understood today’s odds.

The other side was prepared, and looking at the situation at least ten or more command-level warships, this is not a firepower his fleet can stand against.

The only measure available was to use all means to fight back, dragging their enemy fleet into a mutual destruction is the style of the Imperial Army! Of course, it would be ideal if they could survive until reinforcements arrived.

“You want what our Imperial Army regiment grabbed from that place? You’re daydreaming!” Major General Yu touched the treasured box wearing a cold smile, and removed his combat armor.

The people in the first round of the offensive did not achieve the desired results, and in addition to the outermost circle of warships being damaged on the outer hull, the inside of the ships did not immediately collapse, so the next moment, tens of thousands of lights suddenly shot out as blue light beams, towards the area of space the group of UFO’s came from.

While several of the UFO’s in the forefront tried to dodge, they were instantly destroyed by the volley!

“Well, now they’re trapped!” The elder had a cold smile as he ordered all the ships for a strong comprehensive attack.

“Whoever can get that thing, will make his highness extremely happy, and be promoted to a major command!” he promised.

Hundreds of UFO’s suddenly exuded a strong blood-lust, and scrambled towards the heart of the imperial fleet.

However, their flagship Kankan appeared out of thin air in a burst of silver-blue flame, dashed forward slightly ahead of the others and unceremoniously rolled in, a series of shrill screams sounded out immediately then went completely silent.

Ten groups of glaring balls of light rose from the core of the imperial fleet, each group had a ball of light inside that exuded an awe-inspiring majesty.

“Really, you’re just a group of filthy beasts!” Major General Yu coldly laughed,

“Over the years, have you not become afraid of fighting the imperial army? You actually dare to recklessly come to pick a fight?”

His body was protected by a tight black armor, in his hands he carried a blood-red double-edged spear, which required a high amount of skill to handle.

The elder hesitated for a moment, then a deep voice resonated in Major General Yu’s mind: “Humans, let us make a deal if you hand over your harvest from the ruins, I will allow you and your subordinates to leave, and I will no longer make things difficult for you!”

“A deal?” Major General Yu laughed contemptuously,

“I thank you filthy beasts for this kind offer, but you also want to make a deal with a soldier of the Empire, you’re daydreaming! What I most dislike is disgusting trash like you!”

“…… Ungrateful guy, you insult the great Gang Binuo family, you have to pay!” the elder was truly angry.

From the aesthetic point of view of humanity, their appearance was not flattering, if someone wanted to make a comparison, they looked close to a combination between a bear and a crocodile, brown-black skin covered in layers of weird folds, and a protruding mouth with giant conical teeth in the starlight was gleaming with a dense coldness!

Especially noteworthy were their tails, a full four to five meters long, which was twice their height, and covered in very thick thorny alloyed scales, there were sharp barbs, it held the core of the bodies energy, but was also their strongest attacking organ!

“Kill them all, and then look for the treasure!”  the elder fiercely commanded.

Around hundreds of Gang Binuo spread out, slowly approaching while outflanking them!

The Major frowned, seeing the strength of the enemy, he had troops available, but there were only less than fifty different fighters, and of them the ones at a strong energy level including himself were only three, just one-tenth of the enemy, let alone winning, just surviving would be very difficult to do!

However, the location of Imperial reinforcements are very close, if they can persist for a while, then maybe they won’t be too late, right?

Within a moment, he had made up his mind, in his hands the war spear Huatai Sheng, flew out dozens of spear shadows, headed toward the elder! In the presence of such a powerful enemy, if he could get in the first hit, there was hope of a comeback.


On the main route YH-c706, a huge legion hurried along.

An array of giant warships were lined up neatly, with ink black yet flexible thick hulls, smooth movements, there was a gorgeous atmosphere similar to a golden dragon was clearly visible. In the sky filled with shining stars, a majestically deep, sharp, and unparalleled murderous aura spread out!

The two main armies “Bingfeng”, and “Fu”, each with three hundred thousand new warships, their combat power in the imperial army is A class and can be ranked in the top twenty, but the two commanders Li Weizhong and Stephen Wyatt were more into the empires youth crowd that were ready for the next war, such were the reinforcements from the Northwestern Frontier.

“……this trick again?! You guys dare to be so shameless?”

In the cockpit of the mothership “Days Ge”, a pair of young men and women are playing chess, in which a tender faced, kept together, short-haired woman resentfully lost and readily swept away the board, making a mess.

On the opposite side a simple and honest looking man was the commander of the “Fu” corps, in charge of the famous elite fleet of three hundred thousand, did not mind the girls accusations, shrugged his shoulders and smiled to his aide and said: “Fairness in war, and strategies whether they are old or new is unimportant, what matters are results!”

“And that’s how you fight?” the female aide said,

“You can not call me a fresh recruit! I taught you to and fro on a few routines, you will one day see through them! Do not think that there would be no powerful group of aliens!”

“Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any so far! I really did not find anybody, though I marked a few times of good battles! Of course, they weren’t some army of old guys!” Li Weizhong laughed.

The adjutant glanced at him: “I have seen the day, where you became the corps commander and everything was coming to an end. It was difficult to say whether you would survive, so you went to the military to seek a safer position!”

“Ah! There is such a day!” Li Weizhong said in authentic seriousness,

“When I brought troops to wipe out the group of monkeys, they would groan such a handsome man, and I naturally learned that those old guys actually like to go to the military to enjoy life! How about you? It would be nice for me to be at home with the children! Hey!”

“Leave, how come you won’t die?!” Adjutant Hongxia sounded, kicking past severely, he was well prepared to easily escape.

“Lord Commander, General Meng Yue Quan sent over requirements for video call, and said there would be a new military command taking over!” Attention is suddenly turned to the table, the distribution group duty officer’s voice came over.

They got down to business, they look up at once seriously, the female aide replied: “I understand, we’ll be right there.”

After a few moments.

“Who is that groups old military guy again, with the crazy hair?”

In the communications room, Li Weizhong frowned, puzzled and asked:

“We have almost arrived, a command was sent down, but also allowed us to mobilize Yang Sing Yuan to take over there, coming back to this, is the energy reactor not burning money?”

“That old stuff, Huahua Changzi has more to him than you understand!”

On the screen, with skin white as snow, a cold faced woman slowly finishing with golden ribbons on her uniform, calmly said:

“And you have to figure it out, this time is a command from the highest governing conference, that had bypassed the military and issued it directly to us!”

“What do you mean?” Li Weizhong looking for a change, on the surface was honest, but in reality was shrewd, sleek, and no stranger to politics, he has vaguely guessing something.

Meng Yue Quan spoke with a cold tone: “I do not know, of course, you’d do better not to know but if you’re really tempted by your curiosity, you can ask your house afterwards who that old man is!!”

“That ……the northwest defense, how does it stay secure?” Li Weizhong asked, frowning.

“It is said the military will send a separate corps take over!” Meng Yue Quan sighed, “Anyway, we have something to do with this!”


The Gang Binuo family, is a huge pan-nomadic alien civilization that two hundred years ago discovered the Empire’s fleet in an area between the two civilizations, since then the war continued on, the outcome was uncertain.

But since sixty years ago, the Imperial Army personally led dozens of Shinki Yunfeng to break Gang Binuo’s Ting Legion, which almost butchered their ruling class, which made the once very tyrannical alien civilization become badly wounded, then in the dozens of years since, apart from the occasional border skirmishes, they no longer were a challenge to the Imperial Army’s strength.

Only this time, it has been quiet for half a century and their civilization seems to have recovered a lot of strength, yet did not seem foreboding, and therefore with this sudden offensive, the scale far beyond anyone’s expectations!

Imperial border, Jie London star.

The Fengyun affiliated Siloam Dominion administrative planet, for the northwest border of the Empire was an important supply center for decades, countless explorers from the civil fleet were here together, adding the necessary materials, and then would departure for tours, leaving the border of the empire to far-flung strange wild star fields, opening pathways, finding resources and new life-filled planets.

After years of rapid development, the Fengyun planet’s surface has been very prosperous, the settlers population has exceeded more than six hundred million, there is a floating population many times greater, making it one of the most popular, and most prosperous planet of the Empire’s Northwestern star fields.

Just today, a misfortune befell the planet!

Shrill air raid sirens sounded, so that the busy citizens invariably turned their attention to the sky from the ground, and then they saw and unforgettable scene!

Ethereal purple clouds shimmering in that moment, did not wait for everyone to see its origin, it shoots out a very thick destructive beam, blazing down from the high sky, its targets were densely packed cities!

The emergency energy shields providing cover, were unable to stop the destruction by this fortress-class full bombardment gun, it took just a few seconds to directly crash down! As a consequence of the beams actions, everything is consumed in hundreds of thousands of high-temperature flames! Endless piercing screams, the whole city had turned it into a hell on earth!

“Qin Weigeng you dog, is this how your mother raised you?!”

In the interplanetary fortress, Fenglin Bo looked desperately in front of a huge screen, cursed through his teeth.

Above the flood of giant flying saucers with almost boundless margins, the whole scene was shocking, it was like the gate to the depths of the hell were open, breaking free of their shackles, the demonic legion spread destruction and despair worldwide!

Faced with an alien fleet exceeding expectations by a size of more than thirty times, the Northwest theater of the Imperial Army regiment, despite desperately resisted relying on defense, but was also unable to reverse the trend, while holding on until four days later, was finally torn apart by the Gang Binuo legion, the endless fleet immediately influxed like locusts.

The entire northwestern frontier, having included the provinces of Siloam, including nearly a hundred overseas dominions, the tens of billions of imperial subjects, as well as the staggering amount of wealth, had thus become the aliens property!

“General, we’ve tried!” His deputy with a bitter face Na Ermeng advised,

“This other large-scale offensive, even if the other two corps arrive in time, the results will also not have any change! We can now only continue to retreat, while trying to move away part of the citizens, among other things, will have to wait for the military to deal with!”

“But there are two legions, at least we can insist on fighting a few days more, so more people can be given the chance to retreat!” Fenglin Bo authenticly livid,

“Today the Northwestern Zone has been finished, I’d like to see how that bastard, can account for the lives of a trillion people!”

In Na Ermang’s heart, for this times raid event, the scale is far beyond the imagination of the Imperial Army’s side, but from beginning to end it reveals a strange taste, though he did not understand politics, he could feel as though he was drowning inside deep water.

The matter was referred to this point, this has been out of control, the next step would be how the Empire reacts, who would take responsibility, only God knows!


“Human, you still refuse to surrender it?”

In the void, the elder proudly said:

“As long as you hand over that thing, I will be particularly merciful, you will not be treated as food, but I will let you become my slave in the future as I grow stronger! How about it?”

Major General Yu who had more than a dozen wounds, broken light armor, a body energy shield bleak, could collapse at any time.

He looked around, his men have become casualties and exhausted soldiers, all the warships were destroyed, on his side those who are still alive are less than five!

“General, what do we do now?” A wounded dying under the struggling asked.

The Major shook his head, pulled the bird from the arms of Yu He, and to the elder said: “You want this right? Come and collect it!”

“Yes, that’s it! From the Holy Yue Long ancient civilization!” A strong glint in his extremely greedy eyes cropped up.

“Quick, hand it to me!” The elder roared, could not wait rushed over, paw reaching out.

Major Yu’s eyes flashed slightly, then suddenly the spear Huatai Sheng flashed out: “Damn you tricked me, I nearly got hit with it!”

In the void, a one kilometer in diameter cloud of light was quietly blooming, a tangible presence was forming in the nothingness!

But no one noticed that in the depths of that cloud of light, a small reed flower blooming brightly.

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