Star Sea Lord Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Recovery (2)

Before he fell, his strength though tyrannical, did not include spiritual powers. And now, his growth rate is unusually fast, it was not known if this body itself had this gift, or if this was the role of the mysterious runic pattern.

Just a few days ago, because the food was running out, he ventured out once, the result was he could not get food. He was extremely unlucky enough to run into two patrolling Gang Binuo soldiers, and after an arduous struggle was injured again, killed the two of them, then crawled back into the shelter, struggling to recuperate!

What was even more unexpected is that after this desperate struggle, the in vivo gene went through a slight adjustment, had accumulated its own optimization point in a gene. This means that whenever there is a suitable agent, or the ability to induce a specific genomic form with new first order capabilities.

A gene point refers to a specific location on a chromosome. There are many genes, but the number of chromosomes, which can contain a number of genetic codes on each chromosome is limited. The number of gene points, the ability to determine the number and rank of the gene itself and carrying more points would mean a more powerful genetic enhancement of strength!

The imperial elite, because their genome is stable enough to withstand loading a large number of gene optimization points, can access a variety of high-end abilities, which have created groups of powerful special forces!

Since the first branch power agents were induced in the lab, human evolution was given a new direction, with ongoing financial and material resources, a variety of new agents and high-end abilities were discovered one after another, in the different groups there are also those who can afford the increasing price!

After the Empire had a millennium of continued expansion, the huge number of abilities to strengthen the Empire’s Legion played an irreplaceable role in human civilization, their strength qualified them to stand on equal footing with other powerful alien civilizations!

Especially later, when the Empire established a temple on the reputed Death Star world devoted to research, and thus with the formation of the Empire, the force with the most powerful abilities: Polar Star Knights. The Empire opened up a larger amount of living space, the most important strategic force guarding human civilization!

Xiao Jun Ling gently breathed, to be able to get gene points proves he still has hope, though in the current situation, he could not get the ability inducing drug, but as long as he lives, until the Imperial Army regiment fights back, after all these disgusting bastards are thrust back, he naturally knew there are ways to make himself grow stronger, re-entering the ranks of the high-end elites!

There are many ways to get gene points, including fierce fighting, hovering at the edge of life and death in battle, is the most efficient, side effects are minimal this way, of course, the risk to bear is the greatest!

It can be followed by an injection of a gene evolution drug, although this is simple, many ordinary people are also able to apply, in the addition to investing huge amounts of money, otherwise the risk to bear is about the same, but if the gene injected is not stable enough it would lead to a variety of unpredictable consequences, the most common is genetic collapse, ranging from being ridden with various diseases to becoming useless against the slightest kick!

He thought maybe he should move around, to gain more battle experience, in order to quickly increase his strength.

Although risky, but he would not have to die, as he is about to run out of food, in order to survive he had no choice!

He slowly sorted out the clothes, picked up the high-frequency knife on the table, then went to the door, moving away the sandbags blocking the door.

Again, he probed the outside environment to confirm that there was no abnormal movement, and he finally opened the door. Outside, there were various piles of debris, masking the basement entrance.

With the residential ground floor long since destroyed, the ruins became the best form of cover.

At the end of the stairs was a somewhat deformed alloy door, a huge force had torn the door frame off, just barely kept anchored at the top. Moving away the door, outside is a lot of waste clothing, furniture, machine parts, and other debris.

Just past the debris, the streets appear to have been abandoned, but Xiao Jun Ling did not know the situation outside.

He intended to use his spiritual power to probe, when suddenly his body trembled a moment, the mysterious rune in his body flashed light a few times, immediately popping out a brief message:

“First-order capability: environmental sensors, can generate its own origin, real-time monitoring of all enemy targets within a radius of fifty meters, the number of gene consumption points: 1.”

He could not help but be surprised, in accordance with the empire’s established ability grading system, environmental sensors is a first-order skill, it can do real-time monitoring of the external environment for a radius of twenty meters, but this skill effect this has obviously been strengthened by a lot! Almost catching up with the second-order perception skill “Perspicacious”!

And more importantly, he was not injected with the ability to induce any agent, but was able to generate his own such an enhanced version of the first-order skills, it is contrary to what he expected!

Obviously, if in the ensuing battle there is a new generation of a gene point, then getting more power comes more apparent, in the future he does not need to think about how to go and get abilities at a lab!

The next thing is a lot easier, in his mind, an image forming slowly of his surroundings, though not very clear, but for the situation its good enough at this stage.

In this field of perception, even only slightly large animals can not escape it.

He felt relieved, slowly passing through the debris appeared on the street.

Looking up at the sky, at the moment it was already close to dusk, the orange sun hung low on the horizon, the light and heat, sprinkling the remaining few on the war-ravaged planet of Fengyun!

More than seven hundred meters in front of his location, there is a modest supermarket, which did not have a very adequate amount of goods, but finding some emergency food and water should not be a problem. However, his newborn perceptual skills, an enemy can be found ahead of time, Xiao Jun Ling had a new idea.

Perhaps he could go farther to scout, walking along the streets not too far away, eventually arrived in the neighborhood’s largest supermarket and distribution center, which not only had a much richer variety of food but there are a variety of highly concentrated nutrients, clean water, emergency medicine and other basic necessities, he is now at a shopping center.

If he is lucky enough, he also hopes to get some energy blocks, and the most important was an ecological food synthesizer, even at the new hospital accommodation it was not possible to find.

On the spacious quiet street, everywhere is a mess of debris, almost disintegrated coasters, twisted metal railings, semi-molten metal lampposts, there are large areas already solidified, and dark red trails of blood! On some high-rise buildings there is light artillery on the scene!

Occasionally one or two small animals quickly ran around, they were mostly homeless pets. Of a whole city of people, those left have been kidnapped by the sick Gang Binuo as food! Few people had the opportunity to escape from thier repeated raids.

Xiao Jun Ling slowly walked, high frequency oscillation knife in his hands, environmental awareness continuously open, the slow decline of spiritual power, consumtion of about 1/30th every mintue, the total amount of support can now count for about half an hour. But the mysterious runic rock issued a faint heat from time to time, so that his mental strength would slowly recover. Integrated consumption and recovery faster than he can maintain, this capacity could be extended close to one hour with no problems.

After a short time, at the supermarket.

The door has already been sent flying by bombers, walls facing the street have fallen by more than half, inside were rickety shelves, all kinds of goods scattered everywhere, several energy depletion machine attendant paralysis on the ground motionless.

The once clean and bright scrubbed floor was beyond recognition covered with knawed human bones, dark brown blood is still emitting a pungent smell, no need to ask, certainly some people survived the first wave of raids, came here for food when they we tracked by the Gang Binuo, and locked in falling into their clutches.

“These damn beasts!” Xiao Jun Ling secretly cursed, began to rummage his own hands through various goods.

Although many packaging has been damaged, which led to the spoilage and deterioration of food, but after some searching, he found a lot of good stuff, including a half-tank of concentrated nutrients, two boxes portable energy blocks, one emergency kit, a few bottles of wine, and a large package of biscuits, cake food, and so on.

Finally, he found a big box, all of the goods loaded into it, to go on his back and shoulders, on the way took some clothes along leaving the deserted store.

It made him feel incredible, that on returning to the road it was actually surprisingly quiet, environment sensing capacity had been opened, but it did not find anything suspicious! This neighborhood seems to have been completely forgotten by the Gang Binuo.

Of course, there can be no reason to tell him that such a good thing has happened, unless the Imperial Army regiment has fought back!

Back home, after categorizing his loot, he spent a few minutes thinking, then finally decided to go out to try his luck. After all, this harvest is only enough to maintain for a week.

On the street, a lonely figure emerged and after a moment started walking.

Under the night sky, the old downtown city become increasingly very quiet, the silence was terrible!

Jun Xiao Ling suddenly turned rigid, his thin body suddenly leaped and threw himself on the roadside inside a half collapsed room, hiding his own body.

Over his head, three small Gang Binuo UFO skirted along dark gray clouds, passing at high-speed.

Waiting until those guys were far enough away, he dared to come out slowly and continued toward the established goal.

Twenty minutes later, he finally arrived at a tall large supermarket, and it seems that this place had not been too severely damaged, and exterior doors were at least substantially intact, without much debris and blood.

A wide variety and range of goods stood neatly yards away, he was in no hurry to choose, but instead in the innermost layer found a hidden position, sit down and rested for a while, to be restored to the best physical condition, then began operations.

There must be something unusually dangerous about this place, his gut instinct told him that this time things will not be so smooth!

This time he did not take on those foods taste good, but specifically chose highly concentrated nutrients, which contained a special high-energy food, a huge demand for energy is essential for his abilities!

He is now regarded as a beginner of an elementary stage, having just stepped into the threshold of practice, the body needs energy far beyond the ordinary amount, so this is an inevitable choice.

In the area of thousands of square meters of the commodity area after turning a few times back and forth, then went next door to the logistics and distribution warehouse finding two boxes of compressed energy blocks, as well as a set of tools, a smart optical brain, and a few miscellanious odds and ends.

In the depths of the warehouse, he got his wish to find several unopened intelligent robots, ecological food synthesizers, as well as new sealed medical cabin, but with the larger size of these things, him wanting to bring back everything at once is clearly unrealistic.

As Xiao Jun Ling was making plans, suddenly his heart started pounding to a burst of danger, so he with a quick decision, hid sideways behind a pile of tall containers.

After a few breaths, a burst of heavy footsteps came from far away neared, then leisurely leaned over.

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