Tensei Slime

NsCTfcMTensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken / Body was a slime after reincarnation

He died by being suddenly stabbed by an unknown killer on the street, he was a 37-year-old bachelor.

What? … What? I’m a slime!!!”

In other words, a fun day-to-day life as a slime.

He becomes stronger, and his servants were also increasing.

“I wonder how powerful I will get, should I aim for Demon King?”

In a different world the life of a slime is somewhat different from a natural hero.


Volume 1 Empower

Episode 0-4 [tsaltranslation]

Episode 5: Fetal Movement


11 thoughts on “Tensei Slime

  1. I’m thinking of doing this as a try-out, because Japanese MT is more difficult to read than Korean MT. At least it is in my opinion.


  2. Well their should be 2 LN out and 3 chapter translated of the WN I think. Its an Interesting story, with a calm collective mindset, he uplifted his own community and plays the game of politics


  3. Sorry guys, I was being stubborn before when I said I wanted to do the first chapters myself.
    However, I figure you guys want things done faster so I came to the decision to just skip this.
    Maybe I’ll come back to them at the end of the volume when I try to make a full volume PDF/MOBI or something.


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