DWBS Volume 1 Episode 1 Part 2

“So, the reason for your immigration is?”

“Well, well I’m a tourist.”

“I see, for tourism. What is your name?”

“It’s Yu…… no, Hult Asma.”

Hult had entered as an immigrant.

In consideration of those walls, he thought it was more secure that in the mountains.

“So, this is the entrance permit. And don’t lost it, unless you really want to stay for 3 or more months. Also, reissue isn’t possible without 100,000 Doraria because it will be levied as a tax, so please keep that in mind.”

Hult received a plate that had writing shaped like earthworms.

The words did not seem to have letters he understood.

Hult glared at the plate.

After passing through the gate, there was a completely different world.

There were stalls lined up and people wearing unusual clothes were walking around.

But it did not change that Hult was the weird one in this country.

“Well, I was able to enter, next is gold.”

Hult began to walk in order to sell the things he bought at the mall.

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3 thoughts on “DWBS Volume 1 Episode 1 Part 2

  1. The first project looks like it’ll be really cool when finished, and recognizable as an art piece. The description of the second piece just makes me picture a fence around an empty lot, so I’m curious how that one will turn out.


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